All Natural
Fili-West Farms Conventional Product
Unvaccinated Vaccinated (immuno-suppressed)
Consume natural probiotics & prebiotics (immune-stimulants) Consume antibiotics (immuno-depressants)
Drug Free Receive routine medications
Eat only as much as their appetite naturally compels Routinely receive appetite stimulants (arsenic)
Chicks raised in brooder house with skylights (natural lighting) Chicks in brooder house have little or no access to natural lighting*
Afforded a natural sleep cycle (lights turned off at night) Exposed to artificial lighting 24 hrs a day (unnatural sleep cycle for faster growth)
Consume fresh greens, seeds, & insects daily No access to green material, seeds, or insects*
Qualitative / Nutritional
Fili-West Farms Conventional Product
Broilers lose only 9% of their weight when cooked Broilers lose up to 20% of their weight when cooked
Longer shelf life (keeps well in freezer for at least 1 yr) Shorter shelf life (recommended to freeze no longer than 6 months)
Processed at 8 weeks of age (long life on pasture results in more texture, taste, and nutrition) Processed at 6 weeks of age (results in soft chicken with little flavor or nutrition)
Low in saturated fat Unnaturally high in saturated fat
Good source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids Unnaturally low levels of Omega-3s (generally less than half the amount found in pastured chicken)
Good source of Vitamin E Unnaturally low levels of Vitamin E
Animal Welfare
Fili-West Farms Conventional Product
Birds retain their full beak** (the low stress environment reduces risk of pecking related injuries) Birds debeaked due to a high risk of pecking/cannibalism
No stress from overcrowding (small groups of 400 or fewer birds) High stress from overcrowding (huge groups of 10,000 or more birds)*
Receive lots of sunshine Raised indoors with virtually no sunshine*
Breathe fresh country air Breathe air hazy with fecal particulate (damages respiratory tract,leaches vitamins from body, and overloads liver with toxins)*
Receive lots of exercise Receive limited exercise (no room to roam)*
Placed in hospital pen for second chance when sick (many recover and are returned to pasture) Immediately culled (killed) when sick
Brooded on composted bedding containing beneficial micro-organisms (sanitized through decomposition) Brooded on toxic bedding (sterilized using toxic fumigants and sprays)
Fili-West Farms Conventional Product
Manure falls directly on growing forage and biologically active soil for efficient nutrient cycling (converted into plants) Manure fed to cattle and/or spread carelessly (resulting ammonia vaporization and nitrate leaching cause air & water pollution)
Virtually no ammonia vapor (no foul smell) High levels of ammonia (toxic stench travels great distances)
Doesn’t create drug-resistant diseases Commonly creates and harbors drug resistant diseases (R-Factor Salmonella, etc)
Environmentally responsible & sustainable Environmentally irresponsible and unsustainable (compounding hidden costs)
Fili-West Farms Conventional Product
Broiler cavity carefully hand eviscerated Mechanically eviscerated (prone to breaking intestines and spilling feces over the product)
Air chilled (results in a cleaner product with no retained water) Cooled in chill tanks filled with chlorine water which often develops a thick layer of fecal sludge at the bottom (product retains this water)
Receive no injections during processing (or at any other time) Routinely receive injections during processing (tenderizers, dyes, etc)
Not irradiated Irradiated (FDA approved. Not required to be revealed on label)
Societal / Economic Impact
Fili-West Farms Conventional Product
Promotes family farming Promotes feudal/serf agriculture
Promotes a decentralized food system Promotes a centralized food system
Promotes entrepreneurial spirit Promotes low wage/time-clock employment
Encourages rural revitalization Encourages urban expansion
Restores consumer/producer relationships Perpetuates consumer/producer alienation

* Also applies to nearly all "Certified Organic" chicken.

** Our Rescue Rangers are the only exception to this rule (see "Pastured Eggs" for more details).